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From our Luanda base, we are ideally positioned to cover all your aviation needs within Angola and beyond. Our team on the ground have decades of African aviation experience covering all aspects of air charter including group & corporate air travel, oil, gas, mining and construction as well as medevac.


We understand how making a complex itinerary flow is hard work and our team are old hands at connecting the dots.  When faced with the challenges of commercial airline schedules, why not contact Flitestar | African Air Charter to discuss the viability of charter? 


We are also able to offer FBO assistance to aircraft arriving and or departing Luanda International Airport, providing exterior and interior cleaning services, stairs, GPU, Air Starters, Air Conditioning Cart.

Current equipment air side in Luanda:-
1 A320/B737 Steps 1 A320/B737 Conveyor belt
1 GPU TLD 115V-50KVA /28,5V-1000A 1 GPU HOBART 28,5V-600A
1 Aero Specialties WC180RJ-2E Potable Water Cart 1 Aero Specialties L100E Potable Water Cart
1 Aero Specialties LC270RJ—3E2E Lavatory Water Cart 1 Aero Specialties L100G Lavatory Waste Cart
2 VIP Mini-Buses 1 30.000 lbs Tug 2 Hyundai H-1 Minivan
1 130.000 lbs Diesel Tug 1 Pick-up Mitsubishi L200

Current equipment air side in Catumbela:-
2 A320/B737 Steps 2 A320/B737 Conveyor belt
1 DC10 Tow Bar 1 Airbus 320 / 330 / 340
1 B737 Tow Bar 1 B777 Tow Bar

Current equipment air side in Soyo:-
1 200 Gallons Potable Water Cart 1200 Gallons Lavatory Water Cart
1 Suzuki APV Mini-Van 1 800.000 lbs Diesel Tug
1 Roling rug
3 luggage carts

Current equipment air side in Lisbon/Cascais:-
2 luggage carts
2 VIP Mini-Buses
1 FIAT 500
1 Cargo Van

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