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Why chartering a jet without a broker could cost you.

We are sometimes asked by customers and clients “Why should I use a Jet Broker when I can find an operator by myself?” Let’s explore some of the reasons why.

Decisions, Decisions…

By searching online, it can be very time consuming to find a private charter that will take you from A to B.

A broker can save you search time by asking about your preferences and needs to ensure a bespoke travel experience. We will also track your flight and take care of the little details: from assistance with your baggage, to pampering your pets, to providing champagne to celebrate a special occasion. At Flitestar we act as your private aviation assistants.

Air charter brokers have expert knowledge of the jet charter industry. We understand flight patterns and aircraft routes and can take advantage of any transient aircrafts that might be in the area or travelling empty.

If there’s a mechanical issue with the aircraft, a broker could save the day. Individuals who book their own aircraft might be in a difficult position if an issue arises, as their money will be with the operator. This can cause lengthy delays and a struggle to find and pay for a new aircraft, whereas a broker can handle the aftermath and chase a refund from the original operator. In short, the client’s money would be safer with an experienced charter broker.

Going direct to the operator

I sometimes hear “I could just go directly to the operator and book it myself”, I’m sure many travel agents would be able to relate.

Whilst it is true that going direct can potentially get you a better deal, jet brokers generally have a good relationship with many operators worldwide, and might get you a better price. At Flitestar, we provide you with not only the best option, but with a good price tag.

When dealing with individual operators, you have a very limited aircraft availability, as that operator will have only their fleet to hand. In contrast, a broker typically has access to a number of available aircrafts and travel options. This enables Flitestar to provide the appropriate aircraft; turboprop or jet (light, mid & heavy) for the flight.

Once all is said and done, working with jet brokers, such as Flitestar, is the safest and most efficient way of booking your next private flight, whether it’s for pleasure or business.

For more information or if you simply would like to know more, call us on +44 (0) 1565 756 198, e-mail us at or if you’d like to visit our website, it’s

James A. Blackler

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